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  Web posted Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Letters to the editor

Get bomb out of water before it starts glowing

Hey, if you go around Little Tybee, watch out, you might end up glowing in the dark. They say they found the bomb in 20 feet of mud, but the government says to leave it for the next generation. They say it's fine where it is.

Fourteen pounds of plutonium, 400 pounds of TNT and the whole thing weighs 14,000 pounds in all. It is twice the power of each one of the bombs that were dropped on Japan.

This is my second letter to your fine paper. The next time I dove hunt with U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, I'll ask him about it again. It's a sin to sit idly by when you see bad things happen.

Let's get rid of the what-might-happen attitude and get it out of there. It isn't rocket science. Being a sailor, I'm glad that it didn't go off when the Olympic sailing was held there in 1996.

The bomb was found because there is high radiation in the area, but officials say it may blow and crack the aquifer if they try and get it. Well, it may blow and crack the aquifer if they don't. Then the water will be glowing in the dark all the way to Florida.

That's a lot of bad karma for all the Georgia folks to absorb. May God bless us one and all.


Bluffton, S.C.


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