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Mayor Walter Parker and City Council passed a resolution informing the Federal Government that they need to  find the missing piece of luggage our Air Force lost from a B-47 Bomber in 1958.  It seems that due to a mid-air collision during a training mission a B-47 pilot ditched a sensitive classified piece of weaponry.  It took dropping another nuclear bomb 28 days later in Florence, SC, which detonated, to divert attention away from the Tybee bomb.

NEW  Feature Article with photo's in JUNE issue GQ magazine on Tybee Bomb...

Jamaica Approves Admiralty's Plan to Commence Archaeological Operations on the Pedro Bank Friday September 5, 8:30 am ET -----------FULL STORY HERE

NEWS RELEASE       September 19, 2002 
Company’s ATLIS Technology Identified as Possible Solution to 44 Year-Old Mystery

Company’s Involvement May Lead to Additional Business Opportunity
RUBY MINING COMPANY (RUBM-OTC:BB), a Colorado Corporation, d/b/a Admiralty Corporation (“Admiralty”), Atlanta, Georgia, today announced it is in discussions with representatives of a group of concerned citizens who live near Tybee Island, Georgia. Their concerns center on the perceived danger posed by a hydrogen bomb reported to be lost in the ocean near Tybee Island in 1958 after a mid-air collision between a fighter jet and a bomber carrying the nuclear weapon............. 

THIS BOMB...FIND IT...the July issue story reveals NEW data on the whereabouts of the bomb... Uranium tailings in Wassaw a mile long...
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Military Memories

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'Dirty Bomb' Blast Opens Bioterror Drill
Tues May 13, 2003

U.S. officials fear nuclear attack by al-Qaida
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 3/14/03

Cornerstone 'state secrets' ruling challenged

  • Heirs of victims killed in an Air Force crash claim the high court's 1953 decision to bar access to records was based on false affidavits.

Unearthed military secret brings new life to old case

China's Contingency Plans Combating Nuclear Terrorist Attack

this is a partial on the 3-11-58 incident.........

Mendenhall: Nothing like a bomb to make for troubled waters

Fears in 1950s of suicide atomic attacks

Assessing the risk of weapons of mass destruction 

Savannah declared America's 'most haunted' city

S.C. governor sends troopers to stop plutonium shipments, later recalls them

Troubled waters   
Web posted Sunday, July 14, 2002

In the wake of Sept. 11, tighter security, tighter lips mark the effort to protect the port of Savannah.

By Noelle Phillips
Savannah Morning News


Fred Dungan

Tybee Island Weather Station


Tybee Island Information

Official Air force Report

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Satellite Photo of Tybee Island

This bomb is 100 time that of Hiroshima

Howard Morland: author of "How To Make an H-Bomb"

New York Nuclear Bomb Scare Kept Secret For Months
New York (AFP) March 3, 2002

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Deep Scan 6 

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Fox Network News Sheppard Smith 3-27 major segment on the Tybee Bomb

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Bomb Blast MAP

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January 2002 Editorial in The Tybee News

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Air Force checking out story of bomb dropped off Tybee Savannah Morning News 11/00


House of Representatives,
Committee on National Security,
Military Research and Development Subcommittee,
Washington, DC, Wednesday, October 1, 1997.

U.S. authorities capture 'dirty bomb' suspect

His associate captured in Pakistan, U.S. officials say

June 10, 2002 Posted: 6:46 PM EDT (2246 GMT)  CNN

UK reveals nuclear bomb plans
April 15, 2002 Posted: 11:22 PM EDT (0322 GMT)


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Terrorists find and use a Lost Nuclear Bomb on U.S. Target.......Movie debuts June 2002

Tybee Island Bomb

1958 - The Tybee Island bomb is a mystery many locals want solved.  Deformed crabs, two headed fish and the like have taken center stage.  The M-15 nuclear weapon, dropped approximately 6,000 ft from the Island into the ocean,  seems to have 100 times the strength of the bomb  dropped on Hiroshima in WWII.   Forced by a mid-air collision between a fighter and a bomber, the bomb was dropped from 7,200 ft.  One attempt was made to land and that one was successful. A 360 degree turn was made while on final approach to lose additional altitude, and it was during that maneuver that the decision was made to jettison the weapon for safety reasons.

Resident Quote:
An unidentified resident
It's about damned time we stopped talking about it and did something."

Hiroshima Information

In February 1958, at Greenham Common airbase near Newbury, England, a U.S. Air Force B-47 experienced engine trouble on takeoff and jettisoned two full 1,700-gallon wingtip fuel tanks from an altitude of 8,000 feet. One or both of the falling tanks missed a designated safe impact area and exploded 65 feet behind a parked B-47 loaded with nuclear weapons.  Click here to get the full story

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A World of Opportunity
Twenty-one countries have won medals at yachting venue.
  By James Pilcher
Savannah News-Press



Air force Research 11/00 Story

James Donahue article

Fred Dungan Article




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