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hiroshima.gif (64778 bytes)

Photo by US Army

The huge atomic cloud 6 August, 1945 An uranium bomb, the first nuclear weapon in the world, was dropped in Hiroshima City. It was estimated that its energy was equivalent to 15 kilotons of TNT. Aerial photograph from the 80 kilometers away of the Inland Sea, taken about one hour after the dropping.

dote-cho.gif (87680 bytes)

Photo by US Army

This side of Kyobashi River: Dote-cho (present Hijiyama-cho Area) Opposite side: Fukuya Department Store and former Chugoku Shimbun Building (present Mitsukoshi Department Store).

hypocenter.gif (58697 bytes)

Photo by US Army

Looking at the hypocenter in the west direction from Hacchobori, the center of the City. The Shoko Chukin Building is shown on this side. The streetcar remains off its rails and people are walking along them. The A-bomb Dome appears at the top right.


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