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The following is an excerpt from a CNN.com article dated January 12, 2001:
Tybee Island residents, known to ride out hurricane warnings at the beachside bars, haven't been ruffled by the wayward bomb.
"It was all over the newspapers and the radio.  But nobody worried about it," said city councilman Jack Youmans, 75, who was living on the island when the bomb was dropped.  "If it's there, then it's there.  That's all."
Tybee Island Mayor Walter Parker said he hasn't received a single phone call from residents about the bomb.  And John Mack Adams, an island retiree who writes about local history, hasn't heard much other than a friend's joke that their property values might plummet.
I guess you gave the lie to CNN's argument that people affected by the Tybee bomb could care less.  CNN actually had the nerve to quote an Air Force expert as saying that even if the bomb went off it wouldn't matter . . .
If it exploded, the bomb "would create maybe a 10-foot diameter hole and shock waves through the water of approximately 100 yards," Robbins said.  "Even boats going over it would not even notice.  They might see some bubbles coming out around them."
So there you have it direct from the Air Force "expert."  Watch for the bubbles.  Isn't that ridiculous?   
Fred Dungan 

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