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... incredibly dangerous ...Osama needs just 1 stick of Dynamite taped to the side of the Tybee Bomb to ruin our lives forever. Like NY, we would never be the same in this lifetime. YOU can quote me on this and finally... if this bomb were lost in NY Harbor or Chesapeake Bay just east of Washington, it would be found immediately. Is Savannah still paying a price for the War Against Northern Aggression? Cheers, Derek


Analysts have warned that terrorists would not need  to  master the complex technology of a nuclear explosion or intercontinental missile guidance. They could  pack  radioactive material around a core of conventional  explosives for a lesser bang--but lots of  contamination.  Such a ``dirty bomb'' attack might well be more  survivable with a fallout shelter.   ``When you had civil defense in the 1960s, that was  ridiculous,'' says physicist Edwin Lyman, who is  scientific director at the Nuclear Control  Institute,  a research group in Washington, D.C. ``Now, in the  context of the risks associated with a terrorist who  might have a small number of ... radiological  weapons,  it's not necessarily a bad idea to think if there  are  procedures that would avert casualties.''   Home shelters vary widely in size, degree of  protection, and cost.

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