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15:04 2001-08-15


US bomber has dropped an atomic bomb near to US shores, which is 100 times more powerful than that one dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. The bomb has fallen on sea bottom, at the distance of 10 km from Georgia State.
Its exact location is not known, ‘The Australian’ writes declassifying 40-year-old secret documents of Pentagon. According to the newspaper, the bomb ‘Marc 15’ which weighs 3450 kg was dropped from bomber B-47 Stratojet in 1958, after its collision with fighter F-86 during training flights near to Sylvania. Major Howard Richardson piloting the plane received command’s order to drop the bomb, otherwise he could not land.
“After three unsuccessful attempts were made, Pentagons letter to Atomic Energy Committee chairman reports, the pilot dropped the bomb into water near to mouth of Savannah River. No detonation was registered…”
Bomb ‘Marc 15’ reposing on the bottom near to Tybee Island was searched for 10 weeks for, though without any success. According to the documents, the searches were finished after another, hydrogen, bomb was accidentally dropped near to Florencia Bay, in South Carolina.
At that time, trinitrotoluol load detonated, though atomic warhead did not burst. Therefore the search group was immediately sent to the new accident place, and it did not returned to Tybee island.
Pentagon officials are assuring of the bomb being not dangerous, if it is not touched (according to the report, its removing from ocean would last 5 years and would cost to US budget 23 million dollars). The bomb reposes under 6-metre thickness of water, buried in sand at a depth of 5 metres.
Meanwhile Georgia citizens demanded to guarantee their security, to what the militaries answered the bomb could not detonate, because an important detail has been taken away from it – Plutonium capsule which links trinitrotoluol load with warhead.
Though the state’s population becomes more and more panic-stricken, and in such circumstances the situation will not be controlled soon. According to some reports, all the bombs used while training in 1957-1959 were loaded. And besides, a former US pilot’s letter to US Congress reports, that the bomb is “a completely fighting weapon”…

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