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Fox News Interview with Derek Duke and GA Tech  March 27, 2002
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Shepard Smith - Fox News: The possibility of an old weapon from an American Nuclear Arsenal being used against us - that is the concern as a decades old military accident off the coast of Georgia threatens to become a deadly treasure hunt between the US and our foreign foes. 

A Fox Report from Jonathan Serrie: Heightened concern over terrorism has renewed calls to search for a nuclear bomb embedded in the ocean floor since the height of the cold war 44 years ago. 

(Derek Duke) "This bomb is about 100 times more powerful than the Hiroshima Bomb - That is a lot of extra damage". A B-47 carrying a Mark 15 Nuclear Bomb collided with a fighter jet during a 1958 military exercise. To avoid an explosion during an emergency landing the pilot of the crippled bomber dropped the neuc into the ocean just off the coast of Georgia without detonating it. The Air Force began a massive search, but after 10 unsuccessful weeks, they deemed the nuclear weapon irretrievably lost. 

(Maj. Donald Robbins - Air Force Nuclear Expert) "This is a simulated weapon - it is not a full bomb". Some Air Force documents indicate that the bomb lacks a plutonium capsule needed to create a nuclear explosion but that a contradicting 1966 document from the office of the Secretary of Defense which describes the lost bomb as a complete weapon. 

(Dr. Tom Bevan - Georgia Tech) Whenever there is nuclear material on the loose - its cause for concern. While constructing an atomic bomb from salvaged nuclear material would be difficult, it would be relatively easy for a terrorist group to create a so called dirty bomb by putting radioactive debris into a conventional explosive. 

(according to the Georgia Tech Research Scientist) "Its just a matter of spreading it around to make life miserable." With conflicting accounts - it remains unclear what the lost bomb contains. The Air Force concluded there no way someone could recover any nuclear material from the missing Mark 15 and its not worth locating. But others say the US should use new technology to find the bomb before terrorist do. 

Jonathan Serrie - Fox News



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