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Tybee Island fishing report

Welcome to the Tybee Island Fishing report. Our columns are from some of the local fishing captains and from our own fishing experiences. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Captain Judy's Fishing Report in The Tybee News

Recent catch and release on the beachfront. May 2005
Chatham County Fishing Resources

Tybee Island Redfish catch and release


Chatham County and the metro Savannah area have a number of docks and piers open to public fishing. On the south end of Tybee Island is the Back River Pier, near the mouth of Tybee Creek. Others are Bells Landing Dock, to the south of Hunter Army Airfield on Georgia Highway 204; Downing Fishing Piers, on Georgia Highway 204 leading to Skidaway Island; Kings Ferry Park Dock, on the Ogeechee River at the U.S. Highway 17 bridge; Lazaretto Creek Dock, just off U.S. Highway 80 leading from Savannah to Tybee Island; Salt Creek
Park Dock, just west of Savannah on U.S. Highway 17; Thunderbolt Fishing Pier, on the Wilmington River; F.W. Spencer Park Dock, at the U.S. Highway 80 bridge over the Wilmington River; and the Tybee Island Ocean Pier.


Fish caught January 15, 2006 in the Savannah River near Tybee Island.
Fish caught December 27, 2009 on the Back River from the south end of Tybee Island.

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